So when is Donald Trump really going down?

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There’s no way to predict if the DOJ will indict Donald Trump now in the classified document probe and then indict him again later for 1/6 related stuff, or wait until it’s all ready before indicting him. Trump could be arrested tomorrow or next year. The not knowing has got to be driving him absolutely bonkers.

Many of you are getting antsy waiting and that’s understandable. But as I’ve said before, I don’t care when he’s charged. I care that he’s hit with charges that can get a conviction, however long it takes for those kinds of charges to be built out.

The 2024 election is more than two years from now. It should be clear by now that Trump can’t magically save himself from prosecution by announcing a campaign in the meantime. And he’ll certainly be charged well before 2024. How much sooner? Truly no way to predict.

Nor do we know when the Fulton County DA will indict Trump, and whether it’ll come before or after the DOJ indicts him. We also don’t know if the New York AG will bring the criminal charges against Trump that the Manhattan DA didn’t. Numerous unknowns.

But I do know that taking down Trump is their job, and all three of them – Merrick Garland, Fani Willis, and Letitia James – very much appear to be doing their jobs. So let’s let them work. And let’s try to focus on doing our job of winning the midterms. We simply must win the Senate and the House. Let’s go donate, volunteer, and get this done.

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