Donald Trump throws a tantrum as it all goes wrong for him

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Can we please talk about the image in the mirror? The traitor is angry. And he’s turned his ire on the Department of Justice. Donald J. Trump, a traitor, a sociopath, and an insurrectionist, is demanding that the Department of Justice return some of the documents that they seized.

Is there no end to his grandiosity? Trump made this request on his malignant little sewage hole, Truth Social. Trump did add the word “respectfully,” although that is fake. Trump has no respect for anyone and anything except dollar bills.

Trump appears determined to keep up his campaign of vengeance against the FBI and DOJ. Not that it will get him anywhere. Does he REALLY think they would acquiesce to HIM of all people?

He likely DOES believe that. And now we come to the image in the mirror. We all have our images and we all have things that reflect back in these images — things like love, joy and simple common decency.

Not Trump. In Trump’s world, the image in the mirror is only of himself. He sees nobody else reflected in the mirror. Trump’s mirror is an extension of his own hatred. The mirror that he sees reflected at him is his face — only his.

No love is reflected back at him. The mirror image has no sympathy, empathy, humbleness, or any goodness of any type. It is an image of complete darkness — a sociopath’s mirror.

Only perhaps now, another image has come quietly into focus. And that image is of Merrick Garland and a prison cell.

He may not WANT to see that image, but it is there, likely tormenting him through and through. And driven mad by narcissistic hubris, Trump will likely keep making insane requests like this one. The image in the mirror will not let him do otherwise.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!