SNL just destroyed Donald Trump

– Pete Davidson just yelled “Vote for Biden!” on Saturday Night Live tonight. It came at the end of a Weekend Update segment which cited the recent Goldman Sachs report that the economy would do better under Biden than Trump, quipping that even the economy itself is now rejecting Trump. So much for Trump being some kind of financial wizard; the guy is a joke.

– Tweet of the day, from Congresswoman Jackie Speier: Misogyny is an undercurrent in the plot to kidnap Gov Whitmer. One of the group’s leaders called her a b*tch, lamenting her power, yet she was protecting her state like Govs Cuomo & Newsom. Violence against women in politics is not new but it’s bolstered by Facebook & POTUS.”

– Donald Trump is literally having Superman hallucinations and the Republican Senate still won’t get rid of him. Vote them all out!


– Everyone in the GOP is operating under the assumption that they’re going to lose the presidency and the senate. Our job is to vote in huge numbers and prove them right.

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