This is just ugly for Donald Trump

Donald Trump has had an extraordinarily ugly week for a number of reasons. The question continues to be whether his poll numbers, which are already at rock bottom by modern historical standards, can be driven any lower. It looks like the answer is yes – at least incrementally. But one number in particular is just plain ugly for him.

The new ABC Washington Post poll, released late on Saturday night, has Joe Biden up by twelve points nationwide over Donald Trump. This is an increase of two points since the last time this same poll was conducted two weeks ago. Biden’s overall lead in the national polling averages remains at around ten points. But that’s not the number Trump should be worried about.

This same poll says that while Biden and Trump are tied with men voters, Biden has a whopping twenty-three point lead with women voters. This is tough for Trump, because he’s made it clear that he views white suburban women as key to his reelection strategy – and it’s just not happening.


Trump is also ahead of Biden by just two points with white voters, a demographic that the Republicans usually dominate. These numbers are all bad for Trump. Biden is exactly where you’d like him to be. Trump wishes he were where Biden is. This represents an opportunity to double down on our efforts to drive voter turnout and really run up the score, putting Trump out of his political misery.

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