So this explains Donald Trump’s sniffing

During the 2016 general election debates, even as Donald Trump was behaving erratically and talking nonsense, he was also sniffing uncontrollably. Everyone from former Governor Howard Dean to the late Carrie Fisher said they saw telltale signs that Trump had been, ahem, putting something up his nose. Now we finally have an explanation for it.

Comedian Noel Casler, who used to work as a staffer for The Apprentice, has claimed during a standup routine that Donald Trump “crushes up his Adderall and he sniffs it because he can’t read, so he gets really nervous when he has to read the cue cards.” He went on to clarify that he wasn’t kidding, and that he and everyone else who worked for the show had to sign a “24-page NDA non-disclosure agreement” to prevent them from disclosing these kinds of things.

Tom Arnold, who was on The Apprentice, then piled on with this: “This guy worked on Celebrity Apprentice for 6 years. He did the after parties & was Jared & Ivanka’s handler. Donald Trump abused Adderall on the set & it made him crazy. He even snorted Adderall. Mark Burnett knew it.” Casler first made the on-stage remarks on December 1st, but they’re just now going viral.

So now there are two people from The Apprentice who are asserting that Donald Trump likes to crush up and snort Adderall. These are simply eyewitness accounts; they’re not claiming to have videotapes or other proof. But it sure would explain a lot, both in terms of Trump’s erratic behavior in general, and his sniffing fits in particular.

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