SDNY drops hint that it has recordings of Donald Trump incriminating himself

The investigation and prosecution of Donald Trump’s lifelong crime spree has reached the stage where new revelations are now dropping by the hour – and that’s not by accident. It’s clear that Robert Mueller, the SDNY, the state of New York, and House Democrats are pushing out this information in coordinated fashion, in order to lay the groundwork for Trump’s ouster. Just in the past couple hours, everything has changed.

First came Maria Butina’s guilty plea in court, which cements her cooperating plea deal, which we all expected to happen today. But as it turns out, that was just the beginning of the day’s bombshells. Immediately after Donald Trump appeared on Fox News and insisted that he didn’t instruct Michael Cohen to make felony payoffs during the election, someone leaked to NBC News that Trump was in fact in the room while Cohen and David Pecker were plotting this felony. Then came more.

Less than an hour later, someone leaked to the Wall Street Journal that the SDNY is investigating the suspicious money trail coming in and out of the Trump inauguration committee. This story included the remarkable revelation that part of the evidence is a conversation that Michael Cohen recorded with an inauguration planner. This can’t be a coincidence.

Prosecutors are publicly revealing that they have Cohen tapes exposing certain Trump regime crimes, just after they revealed that they have proof Trump was in the room with Cohen and Pecker. The SDNY appears to be sending a strong hint to Donald Trump that they have Cohen recordings of him in the room with Cohen and Pecker. This would be a smoking gun – and the SDNY wants Trump to know they have it.