The sheer brilliance of what Robert Mueller just did to Donald Trump

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This weekend we’re seeing mainstream political pundits debating whether Donald Trump should be impeached, whether he’s even legitimately the president to begin with, and whether he and his kids will end up in prison. He still has his defenders to be sure, but in politics, half the battle lies in framing the argument to begin with. The crazy part is that we haven’t even seen anything yet.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his prosecutorial allies have managed to get the nation at large discussing the parameters of Donald Trump’s downfall simply by confirming that he committed a couple election payoff felonies, using the word “synergy” between the Trump campaign and Russia, and strategically not blacking out a handful of ominous key sentences. Thus far Mueller is only talking about perhaps five percent of the crimes that Trump has committed, and he’s already put the court of public opinion in motion.

Palmer Report has told you from the start that, while we didn’t know what Robert Mueller’s endgame strategy against Donald Trump was going to be, he was obviously never going to simply file a report and go home. Now we’re starting to see how he’s planning to take Trump down: death by a thousand proverbial cuts. This week he exposed just a bit of Trump’s crimes, and got everyone talking about whether it’s enough for Trump to be ousted.

Tomorrow or next week, even as the national debate about Donald Trump’s ouster rages on, Robert Mueller will expose more of Trump’s crimes, and make it harder for his defenders to continue to defend him. Mueller is just going to keep doing this to Trump until the Democrats take over the House, by which time they’ll hit the ground running with nationally televised public hearings on every one of Trump’s scandals, based on the things Mueller keeps exposing.

It’s still not clear to us precisely what Robert Mueller is doing, but it is now clear that he knows precisely what he’s doing. This week he showed us just a small fraction of his hand, and now Donald Trump is already fighting for his continued existence. This is nothing compared to what’ll happen after Mueller turns over his next, and more powerful, cards.

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