Donald Trump’s shapeshifting is finally backfiring on him

Since the Election Campaign of 2016 we have been witnessing an acceleration of how Donald Trump changes his position, how he can one minute be pro something, then the next minute, against. Since the Eighties, this was part of his narrative as he ‘built’ his business and public persona. A minute could have lasted days, weeks or months, maybe longer, but his ‘position’ would change. Whether that was a master strategy to create an empire and cult aura, or the quicksilver of a decaying mind, will be debated well beyond today.

This morphed into distraction attacks, finger pointing, mockery of rivals, individuals, groups, minorities that would shift and change. No one now is sacrosanct or immune, no one knows who may be next. So now no one knows who or what is ‘safe,’ save the bulk of his core support who have only been affected by the fact that his agenda is not for them at all, rather the elite that Trump is in hock to for more than his soul.

This shifting won him an election by distracting and wrong footing, threw off one competing candidate after another and cemented a following of America’s disposed, disappointed, disillusioned, disenfranchised, disengaged or desperate, through the election and onto the Inauguration Platform. Each and every outburst since has been the one that was seen as a step too far, a step too bizarre. Each one has wrong footed commentators, pundits, executives, rivals, his own cabinet members and World leaders.

Even as the Mueller Investigation inexorably disembowels and eviscerates him, the scatter gun continues with now the punt of arming teachers. Thus we are now in an alter reality, one with the ground shifting beneath us, with our norms evaporating, where it seems an entire planet is living inside the make up of his mind.

Alliterative Polymath, Creative, Thinker and Broadcaster.