Several House Republicans go berserk in metal detector showdown

Earlier this evening we brought you the story of how Republican Congresswoman and depraved gun toting maniac Lauren Boebert got into what CNN called a “standoff” with Capitol Police after her bag set off a metal detector on her way into the House chamber. It turns out she’s not the only one.

NBC News is now reporting that Steve Stivers, Van Taylor, Debbie Lesko, Larry Bucshon, and domestic terrorism official mascot Louie Gohmert also threw tantrums about the metal detectors or tried to sneak around the checkpoints. Boebert responded by calling Speaker Nancy Pelosi a “communist” on Twitter. Lesko also had a berserk Twitter meltdown.

Even as law enforcement works to determine which if any House Republicans conspired with the domestic terrorists who invaded the Capitol building, let’s just say that the people on the above list aren’t doing much to make themselves look innocent.

Congresswoman Cori Bush posted this in response: To my colleagues who won’t go through the metal detectors: Have you ever had a job before? If you work at McDonald’s and you don’t wear the uniform, you don’t work that day. If you won’t abide by the rules of this job, go find another one.” We have a feeling that some of these House Republicans won’t last long before they’re forced to find a new line of work.

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