Donald Trump has been ranting on Twitter for the past seventeen hours

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We knew it was going to be one of “those days” when Donald Trump began his customary Twitter rant earlier than usual this morning, and he kicked things off by quoting openly racist political pundit Lou Dobbs. When Trump starts that early and that absurdly, it’s a sign that he’s more rattled than usual. As the day went on, we got to find out just how rattled he is โ€“ and today might have set a record.

After Donald Trump quoted white supremacist Lou Dobbs as evidence of how great his presidency has supposedly been for minority groups, he then went on to attack Senators of both parties who were not impressed with his latest half-baked trade deal. Then came the most controversial part of the day, when Trump claimed that Google is somehow conspiring against him by daring to show all the news articles that have reported on his various criminal scandals.

At one point Trump posted a video clip with two soccer balls on his desk and two very uncomfortable gentlemen standing behind him, in what very much resembled a hostage video. Then Trump falsely claimed that China hacked Hillary Clinton’s email server, because his most pathetic days always involve Hillary’s emails eventually. Then he went on to quote a fake poll, before bragging about his nonexistent new trade deal. By the time he was done ranting for the night โ€“ we can only hope he’s done ranting โ€“ a whopping seventeen hours had gone by. At no point did he stop tweeting for more than a few hours.

It couldn’t be more clear that Donald Trump is more rattled than ever. We don’t know if he’s been made aware of yet another bombshell that’s about to drop on his head, or if the cumulative bad news over the past two weeks has driven him to a state of constant panic. But this guy is further over the edge than ever. Considering that things just keep getting worse for him, his psychological condition will probably only continue to deteriorate by the day.

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