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Camels are beautiful animals. In the Ptolemaic Period in ancient Egypt, it was not uncommon for camels to be a source of transport for humans. Greece, too had many camels. And us? Right now, we have human camels — and to quote an ancient proverb, these camels can’t see their own humps.

I speak of the GOP. This expression speaks of ones who delight in calling out others’ faults and weaknesses — but can’t see their own. For YEARS and YEARS, the GOP had portrayed itself as the party of the working man — and woman.

On and on, they would go. They called us elitists. They explained to the blue-collar person, the farmer, the late-night shift worker, the forgotten — that NOBODY understood them as the GOP did.

And as usual — with everything they did and everything they continue to do — the GOP lied. Rail workers are an integral part of our society. Do I even need to say that? And yet, in their hour of need — the GOP abandoned them. They ran as far as their cowardly little feet could carry them.

The measure to give these rail workers seven days of paid sick leave has passed — but no thanks to republicans in the House. A stunning 207 of them — 207 –voted against the measure. Even Twitter was stunned — stunned by the callousness, stunned by the camels who lecture others with fake piousness — and then when they’re asked to put up or shut up – they run. Run like thieves in the night.

“Seven days, Seven fi##ing days. The barest possible,” said one outraged tweeter. “They can NEVER say they’re the party of the people,” another person tweeted. What hypocrisy! What HUBRIS! What cowardice. The American people will remember. We, as democrats, will remind them. And when the next election nears, do not think this will be forgotten.

Seven days. Seven paltry days. That’s all they asked for. The Republicans reminded us with their no votes who they are and what they stand for. And what they stand for is absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.


Palmer Report 2024 GoFundMe

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