Donald Trump’s entire existence has just been set on fire

Donald Trump began the day with an unhinged meltdown about a woman named “Molly” who doesn’t exist. By the time the day finished kicking him around, Trump was probably wishing he could find a drug dealer willing to sell him some molly. This guy just had one of the worst days we’ve ever seen, and the events of the day have made clear that it can only get worse for him.

The remarkable part about today’s news cycle is that it moved so quickly, we’ve already lost track of things that happened just seven or eight hours ago. Yes, the U.S. Attorney’s office for SDNY formally accused Donald Trump this evening of directing a felony criminal conspiracy to alter the outcome of the 2016 election, and yes, that’s terrible for him. But that was only the half of it.

Earlier today we learned that Trump’s White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is preparing to resign. We also learned, in what can’t be a coincidence, that John Kelly secretly sold out Donald Trump to Robert Mueller on obstruction of justice. We haven’t even been hearing about the obstruction probe of late, and yet it’s clearly closing in on him behind the scenes.

That’s before getting to this week’s Michael Flynn sentencing memo on Tuesday, the fact that Rex Tillerson found a creative new way to call him a moron today, and even Fox News now thinks Donald Trump Jr is going to be indicted and arrested. This week has set Donald Trump’s entire existence on fire – and now we’re going to watch it all burn before his eyes. Resignation is his only option left.

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