Donald Trump has revealing new meltdown about Jeff Sessions

Donald Trump has been having a pretty horrible week. Paul Manafort flipped on him, Stormy Daniels humiliated him, and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward to fire a torpedo into his Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Trump has largely kept quiet about all of it, but now his frustrations are boiling over, and he’s going on the attack – against Jeff Sessions. This actually tells us a lot.

Trump still has yet to publicly attack Manafort, Ford, or Daniels. But we just saw him privately lash out at his own close Republican ally Ron DeSantis over a single point of disagreement. Now, in a new interview Trump has conducted with Hill.TV, we’re seeing him publicly lash out at another ally he’s frustrated with, Jeff Sessions. This tells us where Trump’s head is at as the walls cave in on him, and his head is clearly not focused on trying to save himself.

There are some who believe that Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks against Jeff Sessions are part of an evil genius plan to fire Sessions, fire Rod Rosenstein, fire Robert Mueller, and somehow magically pull it all off. But nothing quite works that way, and at this point there is very little reason to believe that firing Sessions would lead to Mueller’s demise. For that matter, Mueller has spread out the Trump-Russia probe over so many federal prosecutorial jurisdictions, firing him wouldn’t end the investigation.

It’s important to look at Trump’s obsession with Sessions within the context of Trump’s obsessive attacks on other certain people. Trump has spent significant time and political capital trying to bring harm to people like Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Bruce Ohr. Trump has harmed these people, but he hasn’t helped himself one bit in the process. Trump has arbitrarily decided that these people are at fault for his inevitable downfall, and he’s looking to take his frustrations out on them. He appears to have no strategy whatsoever for saving himself.