Senile Donald Trump has no idea what’s even going on

There are issues once again — big, bad issues. Brain issues. Specifically, we’re talking about Donald Trump’s brain. The frogs that live inside said brain started their hopping again, causing Donald Trump to say some really weird things.

It happened when reporters asked Trump about the E. Jean Carroll verdict. They wanted to know if Trump would use any of his political operation’s cash to pay Carroll. The problem was — Donnie appeared not to know what in hell they were talking about.

One reporter referred to the monetary judgment as “penalties.” Trump then gave this response. “What penalties?” Uh-oh. His brain is at it again. Does Donald know he’s very close to running out of money? Does he care?

The reporter then repeated the question. Trump continued to look bewildered. And why shouldn’t he? Is there ONE DAY lately that Donald Trump has not appeared utterly befuddled?

Instead of answering the question, Trump proceeded to start talking about his criminal fraud case. “I didn’t do anything wrong.” he said. Ah, I see. Trump is acting out as the the story from Franz Kafka’s “The Trial.” That won’t work for Trump.

Trump also claimed that the New York fraud case had already been won, showing that on a rating scale of one to ten, where Trump’s brain-fog is concerned, said fog is clearly a ten. “We won that case,” Trump said. He never did answer the original question.

Lots to unpack here. Was it his mental decline again? Could Trump have been merely pretending? The answer to THAT one is a hard no because Trump is the worst liar in the world. He sucks at it as he sucks at everything else he attempts to do.

People on social media, of course, had lots to say:


“He doesn’t get that he lost.”

“man, woman, FBI, trial, person.”


“He had no clue what the questioner was talking about.”

“Rocks for brains! tweet, tweet!”

Criminals will be criminals, and insanity rarely takes a rest. In Donald Trump’s case, insanity is squirting straight from the brain-stem and out of his mouth. What will he say tomorrow?