Senate Democrats move to keep Ukraine funding intact after budget agreement

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After a month of insisting they’d shut down the government, House Republicans caved – with a 45 day continuing resolution that funds everything but Ukraine. It was a cheap attempt at forcing the Democratic-controlled Senate to choose whether to keep the government open or keep a key U.S. ally intact against Putin. But it turns out Democrats are savvier than that.

Senate Democrats are already preparing a supplemental funding measure for Ukraine as early as next week, according to Bloomberg News. There appear to be enough votes in both the Senate and House to pass it.

So this anti-Ukraine stunt by House Republicans really does appear to be nothing beyond hot air. They just wanted to be able to tell their idiot base that they stuck it to Ukraine, and then next week it appears they’ll quietly vote to fund Ukraine once the smoke has cleared.

House Republicans really are extraordinarily weak right now. But that’s what happens when you’re a house divided against itself, you have a narrow majority, and your “leader” has all the leadership skills of a rotting pumpkin.

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