Donald Trump’s self-pardon

When Saddam Hussein’s Health Minister, Dr. Riyadh Ibrahim, suggested that Saddam temporarily step down as president of Iraq to promote peace negotiations with Iran, it cost Ibrahim his life. Parts of Ibrahim’s dismembered body were eventually delivered to his wife. One does not suggest that a psychopathic, malignant narcissist step down.

That is why I believe Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States, not the 47th. Because malignant narcissists don’t step down, not even temporarily, not even to promote peace in the war with Iran and not even to promote Mike Pence to the position of 46th President so he can pardon Donald Trump.

I don’t know the future and neither does anyone else, but Donald Trump stepping down for strategic reasons is not consistent with the pernicious character of the two narcissists that it has been my distinct displeasure to know personally. I could be wrong but I can’t imagine it happening.

Napoleon Bonaparte was not a malignant narcissist nor was he evil, but he did share one (and only one) trait with Trump, unassailable self-belief. The difference being, of course, that Napoleon’s self-belief was justified. So just as when it came time to crown Napoleon Emperor of the French he crowned himself, when it comes time to pardon Donald Trump, Donald Trump will probably do it himself.

The merits of such a self-pardon will be disputed in federal courts and could — and probably will — be used as justice-delaying or even justice-denying tactics. The crux of any such case against a self-pardon is that presidential pardon has been abused for a corrupt purpose.

But nothing can stop any district attorney in any state in the United States from filing a complaint against Trump for criminal negligence because of his blatant mishandling of coronavirus. And, of course, nothing can stop the state of New York from indicting Donald Trump for the many financial crimes he committed while there.

Meanwhile, we cannot ignore the damage Trump has done and is still doing. For example, in the last 24 hours since I last wrote to you, brothers and sisters, a staggering 3,300 Americans have died from COVID-19. Since I started tracking daily coronavirus deaths on Twitter (@RAHarrington), that is the highest number of COVID deaths I’ve seen in a single day so far, and the first time the number has exceeded 3,000.

While it’s true we have a vaccine now, we must still remain hyper-vigilant against the disease. We must continue to wash our hands, maintain social distance and wear masks, not until Twitter or Facebook or the blogosphere sounds the all-clear, but until medical professionals do.

Meanwhile Donald Trump is planning another super spreader event Christmas party at the White House. For that alone he should be impeached. Trump is the first president in history who has probably committed an impeachable offense every day he’s been in office. Let’s make sure he’s the last.

But as I say, in order to remove this obscenity from the People’s House we will have to wait until January 20th. I don’t believe he will step down for any reason. We shall see. Until then, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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