Hey Donald Trump, take a hint from Melania

After all we have done to get rid of Donald Trump, he continues to haunt and try to hurt us. He is trying his best to make life difficult for President-elect Joe Biden, even as Biden works with his transition team, but Trump will lose (again). While he can certainly make things difficult for Biden, in the end, Trump must vacate the White House and take his family of grifters with him. His attempts to overturn the election results all but dissipated, the best Trump can do is try to show up Joe Biden by holding a rally on Inauguration Day. Trump should follow the lead of his wife, Melania, who, according to CNN, “just wants to go home.”

CNN reported that Melania Trump is packing up the White House, even as her delusional husband continues to pursue fruitless lawsuits. All states have now certified their election results, yet Trump trudges along his road to nowhere. The Supreme Court, signaling early on that it would not interfere in the election results, should have been enough to sway Trump and other Republicans to stop their ridiculous efforts. According to CNN, the Supreme Court does not take up “long-shot,” “frivolous” cases which have already been soundly rejected by various state, federal, and appellate courts. Trump has discovered that appointing judges does not guarantee him victory, especially when he has no case. The Pennsylvania case, which saw the Supreme Court rule without dissent against a request to block certification in that state, was presided over by a judge appointed by Trump.

If Trump does not get this on his own, several others stand by to remind him. Laura Coates, a former federal prosecutor turned CNN legal analyst said, “The jig is up. The President of the United States has no other recourse.” President-elect Biden’s spokesman, Mike Gwin, echoed with: “This election is over. Joe Biden won and he will be sworn in as President in January.” Perhaps we get why Trump does not want to hear from either of these people, but what about his wife?

After the election, Melania began quietly asking about budget and staff allocations for her after she leaves the White House. She is making decisions on what to store, what to ship to Mar-a-Lago, and what to ship to Trump’s New York home. One source said that a 2024 bid by Donald Trump “will not go over well” with Melania. Melania never wanted the role of first lady and did little. Her legacy will include remodeling the Rose Garden—which people hated—finishing the White House tennis pavilion, and her failed “Be Best” campaign. In essence, she contributed nothing, yet she is asking about “taxpayer dollars” for her use post-presidency. Girl, bye. Since she allegedly remained in New York to rework her prenup prior to moving into the White House, it may be time to cash in on that. That entire family has taken enough taxpayer money to last a lifetime.

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