House Democrats unveil their secret weapon for televised Trump impeachment hearings

We’re still not sure what House Republicans have up their sleeve when it comes to this week’s televised House impeachment hearings; we just know it’ll be stupid and it won’t get them anywhere. However, we are learning what the House Democrats have up their sleeve for this week, and it’s brilliant.

The House impeachment resolution already spelled out that while House Intelligence Committee members will get their chance to question witnesses in the usual format, a longer block for questioning will be given to a professional interrogator. It turns out former federal prosecutor Daniel Goldman will be doing that interrogation for the House Democrats. This is a big deal because he’s really good at it.

You may remember Daniel Goldman for the expert legal analysis he used to do on MSNBC, before Adam Schiff hired him several months ago. During that time Goldman has gone quiet, and it’s never been clear from the outside precisely what he’s been doing for the House Democrats. But now we have our answer.

CNN’s Elie Honig confirmed the news today about Goldman leading the questioning, and added this: “Dan and I tried a Genovese Family Boss and two hitmen on a case involving RICO, two murders, one attempted murder, and two murder conspiracies. (All guilty, now doing life). He’ll do fine.” Meanwhile we half expect House Republicans to show up wearing clown masks and repeatedly asking the witnesses to “pull my finger.”

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