The real reason Donald Trump’s newly exposed secret meeting with Putin is so devastating to him

In a revelation that’s somehow both shocking and not remotely surprising, it turns out Donald Trump had yet another private meeting with Vladimir Putin and then tried to mask its true nature. The newly exposed meeting took place at the G20 summit in Argentina in November, a few months after Trump met privately with Putin at the G20 in Helsinki. This Argentina meeting is really bad for Trump.

When Donald Trump met privately with Putin in Helsinki, he had a U.S. translator in the room with him. It’s since been reported that immediately after the meeting, Trump seized the translator’s notes and swore him to secrecy, even going so far as to make sure that his own White House staff couldn’t find out what took place during the meeting. This time around in Argentina, according to a new Financial Times report, Trump didn’t even bring the U.S. translator with him. In the legal world, that’s what’s called consciousness of guilt.

In reality, Trump didn’t need the translator in order for the meeting to work. Putin brought his own Kremlin translator, and on top of that, there’s video footage out there which shows that Putin speaks fluent English. But protocol dictated that Trump should have had a U.S. translator in the room, and after following that protocol in Helsinki and then regretting it, Trump made the conscious decision to break from protocol in order to cover up whatever he was plotting with Putin during the meeting.

Bizarrely, Donald Trump did make the decision to bring Melania Trump with him to the meeting with Vladimir Putin in Argentina. There are almost no words for how suspicious this is, considering that it definitely wasn’t the kind of meeting where you’d bring your significant other, as evidenced by Putin’s decision to bring a translator as opposed to a date. So why would Trump allow Melania to sit in on his meeting with Putin, when it was so treasonous he wasn’t even willing to let his own top advisers know the details? Why is he so sure she’s not going to see him out for his treason?

But the real upshot here is that this Argentina meeting reveals that Donald Trump’s allegiance to Vladimir Putin, and his desperation to keep his plot with Putin a secret from his staff and the nation, is part of an escalating pattern of treasonous behavior. This makes Trump look even more guilty, because he is in fact just that guilty.