Is Robert Mueller targeting Sean Hannity in Trump-Russia?

One of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s biggest challenges is not sifting through the intelligence intercepts or following the money laundering trail but overcoming the conservative media bubble that grows more impenetrable by the day. Their audience is trapped in a propaganda haze of partisan ignorance. It ensures the advertising dollars keep rolling in. It is also brutally effective in undermining the legitimacy of Mueller in the eyes of Republicans, according to polls like the latest one from Politico/Morning Consult.

The majority of Americans who reside outside know that President Donald Trump is going down for a bevy of crimes, but those still encased in the bubble believe that Trump is not only innocent, but that Hillary Clinton will be indicted for an assortment of imaginary crimes. The only way to pierce the bubble is by taking down one of its chief distorters of information — Fox News host Sean Hannity.

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that Hannity could be in trouble. Paul Manafort was in regular contact with Hannity after he left the Trump campaign, meaning Hannity could be caught up on the Manafort wiretap, as Palmer Report has previously reported (link). You have to ask if Hannity might have been part of the WikiLeaks efforts to take down Hillary Clinton. There is also the Seth Rich murder conspiracy Hannity heavily promoted, thanks to a theory pushed by Julian Assange. Not only did Hannity offer on-air praise of Assange, but Assange has been caught red-handed direct messaging a Hannity impersonator on Twitter. Also, was Hannity tipped off by Rudy Giuliani about Huma Abedin’s kerfuffle right before the 2016 Presidential election?

The list goes on and on, but the point is simple. If Robert Mueller makes a prosecutorial example of Sean Hannity, Rupert Murdoch might finally tell Fox News to start reporting the actual news as opposed to crafting a fake narrative for its viewers. Other conservative outlets might follow and then the chances of building a national consensus for removing Donald Trump increase dramatically.

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