Who gave Donald Trump’s secret Vladimir Putin letter to Robert Mueller?

Every now and then, we’re reminded that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is so far ahead of the media and the public when it comes to his Trump-Russia investigation, he has Donald Trump and his associates nailed on things that we didn’t even know existed. The latest such example is a secret letter that Trump wrote to Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2013, which appears to have been the flashpoint for the Trump-Russia scandal.

No one even knew this letter existed until the Washington Post reported this week that Robert Mueller now has the letter (link). How did Mueller find out about it? How did he get his hands on it? How did he manage to keep it a secret all this time, before he recently began strategically asking witnesses about the letter? The answers to these questions are, shall we say, interesting.

Mueller could have found out about the letter in a couple different ways. One scenario is that someone involved in helping Trump craft the letter told him about it. Another is that Trump may have bragged to outsiders about the letter, and one of them alerted Mueller, who then obtained a copy of it from someone involved in crafting it. Either way, someone who was deep inside Trump’s inner circle in 2013 has to have sold him out to Mueller. That’s a very short list of people, as most of Trump’s top campaign people were not even in his life back in 2013.

There’s no specific evidence linking any of these people to the letter, but here’s a list of people who might have been in position to know about the letter and/or deliver a copy to Robert Mueller: Rhona Graff. Keith Schiller. Maybe Sam Nunberg. Trump’s own kids. The reality is that one of them, or someone similarly close to Donald Trump, has sold him out to Robert Mueller, presumably to avoid prosecution. So much for the idea that Trump’s own people are willing to go to prison for him.

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