Fox News makes moves against Sean Hannity as he spirals out of control

It appears that all the stress from his involvement in the Trump-Russia conspiracy against the United States is really getting to Sean Hannity. As we previously discussed, Hannity may have been caught up on the FISA warrant against Paul Manafort. Hannity spent lengthy segments on every one of his “entertainment” shows on FOX during the summer of 2017 discussing the so-called improper use of unmasking American citizens. It seemed odd that he would make such a fuss over the legitimate use of our intelligence agencies’ monitoring conversations with known foreign agents. It all made sense when it became clear Hannity may have been simply trying to save himself by discrediting lifelong public servants properly doing their job and serving their country.

Ever since then, Hannity has gone out his way in an attempt to discredit the FBI, CIA, and especially the investigation run by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In desperation, Hannity and the White House have been crafting propaganda to share on his radio and television shows in an effort to smear the names of top DOJ individuals including Mueller, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe, who was spitefully fired just two days short of receiving his pension. While all of these conspiracy theories have been debunked multiple times – even by FOX’s own Shepard Smith – Hannity continues to push them in hopes of distracting America from the truth that he will likely go down along with Trump.

With all of this constantly weighing on Hannity, it seems he’s finally snapped. He spent multiple segments on his show this week attacking comedian Jimmy Kimmel. While FOX is forced to call Hannity’s show “entertainment” because it doesn’t even stand up to their journalistic standards, it appears FOX doesn’t not even classify his recent hateful rants as entertainment, as they’ve cut all of his recent monologues from their online broadcasts.

After spending nearly twenty minutes calling out Jimmy Kimmel for nonsense, his online shows have been reduced to half their typical air time. It would be sad watching Sean Hannity flail so badly if not for the fact that he’s a willing participant in trying to cover up the biggest case of treason America has ever witnessed. I suppose everyone has a breaking point, and it looks like we’re witnessing that for Hannity in real time.

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