Are we looking at the end of Fox News?

There is currently a vast chasm dividing America. While there have always been differences of opinion, this appears to possibly be the most separated that American beliefs have been since the Civil War. What has caused this clear division between people and neighbors? Much of that difference is likely attributable to where we receive our information.

Those that only get their daily source of intelligence from the local daily news are typically less likely to understand the current political scene, while others that choose to watch channels more focused on politics are more likely to have a strong opinion on what is currently happening on Capitol Hill. Those different beliefs are greatly influenced by what channel one is watching when the “news” is reported. As evidenced by Donald Trump’s incessant war against the main stream media, such as CNN, it’s easy to disagree with or ignore information that does not advance one’s agenda.

At the same time, it’s important to perform one’s due diligence to fact check anything to ensure it is not simply propaganda. Speaking of lies and propaganda, FOX News is known to purvey false talking points. In fact, there is a belief that Sean Hannity – who may have been picked up in conversations listened to by federal agents utilizing FISA warrants (link) – has been working directly with the White House to create conspiracy theories to protect himself and Trump from prosecution.

The fact that a news channel, with some reporters and anchors going out of their way to disprove false claims (Shep Smith has debunked Hannity’s Uranium One “scandal” many times), show that they have are attempting to retain some credibility. However, recent activities and allegations resulted in the firing of longtime anchor Bill O’Reilly and CEO Roger Ailes. While the channel continues to spread lies and propaganda from some they employ, does this mean it could possibly lead to the end of FOX News? We can only hope.

I’m a ceramic engineer living in Central New York, avid sports fan but find myself more interested in politics lately.