Sean Hannity cuts and runs

Despite the absurd lengths of Sean Hannity sucking up to Donald Trump in the four years of his administration, and even helping to worsen the damage Trump and the GOP inflicted on the country, a newly leaked report suggests that Hannity ended his friendship with the former president following his refusal to concede the 2020 election to Joe Biden. Hannity deserves zero praise for this – especially because it means he knowingly parroted the toxic nonsense that he knew his audience believed just so they would stay tuned in and helped foment the violence that led to the January 6 insurrection.

The fact that the report exists at all, however, is indicative of something else: that Hannity, who was already rumored to have taken issue with Trump’s persona, knows that the scandals surrounding the former president are not likely to end well. Therefore, he is letting the subtle ways to distance himself leak out – that way he can always try to argue that there was a time when they didn’t see eye to eye, even if it didn’t change anything. We can expect to see similar tricks from other right-wing pundits in the next few weeks, and it should make one thing clear: Even if they didn’t like Donald Trump, they shared with him the bigotry and their contempt for democracy and they’d gladly do it all over with someone else. It’s the reason we should never trust them with power again and use every chance we have to push them into obscurity.

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