GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn completely humiliates herself

Sometimes I think there is an actual disease called “stupid.” It seems incredible that so many GOP members have the same symptoms, including saying mind-numbingly stupid things about topics they know nothing about.

So, for this week’s stupid award, Senator Marsha Blackburn (stupid-insurrection party-Tennessee) has said something so bizarre, I do marvel at exactly who the people are who voted for her. Marsha is continuing the propaganda attack against Dr. Fauci, which Palmer Report told you about. Only Marsha has a problem. And that problem is, she isn’t very good at this.

Blackburn tweeted out her outrage at Dr. Fauci. What did all this outrage pertain to?

Well, Blackburn is (pretending) to be outraged at Fauci for – ahem – writing a book.

“While Americans suffered, Fauci wrote a book,” Blackburn angrily tweeted into the abyss. Only this abyss is Twitter, and say what you like about Twitter, they do not suffer fools. So, of course, Blackburn got eviscerated.

Here are some of the highly amusing replies to this babyish tweet.

“You’re embarrassing yourself,” said many.

“You lied to the American people about the election,” many others remarked.

“Wait-isn’t COVID a hoax, Marsha.” still others gleefully asked?

So, as you can see, this tweet did not turn out well for her. Blackburn is also tweeting out that the Biden administration wants to cancel the word “mother.” Yes, you heard that right. She also actually tweeted at Biden to stop “erasing” women. As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well either.

Oh, and FYI -Fauci’s “book” is a short eighty pages. And even if it were not, Fauci, to put it nicely, has the right to write about anything he damn well pleases. I think Blackburn needs to find something else to feign outrage over.

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