John McCain’s final “screw you” to Donald Trump

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John McCain passed away last night, and in a sign of how most Americans felt about him, the words “American Hero” began trending on Twitter. That placed Donald Trump in a difficult position, as he’d routinely said horrible things about McCain, particularly about his status as a war hero. Trump posted a generic condolence tweet that may or may not have been subtly backhanded, but it was McCain who managed to stick it to Trump in the end.

Senator McCain’s ultimate condemnation of Donald Trump came in two different forms. After Trump treasonously stood next to Russian President Vladimir Putin and sided with him over the United States Government, an ailing McCain released a statement which called it and one of the “most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory” while slamming Trump for being egotistical and “pathetic.” But McCain’s final; proverbial “screw you” to Trump came in the form of something he set up before his death, which will now leave Trump humiliated for all to see.

John McCain told friends months ago that he didn’t want Donald Trump at his funeral. Instead he wanted former President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush to attend his funeral and deliver the eulogy. McCain famously lost to Bush in the 2000 Republican primary race for President, and then lost to Obama in the 2008 general election for President. Yet McCain chose these two men – one Republican and one Democrat – to eulogize him.

McCain thus ensured that his funeral would be bipartisan and inclusive, making it all the more glaring that current “President” of the United States wasn’t invited. Donald Trump is just barely hanging onto the Oval Office as his various criminal scandals close in on him by the minute. Now a deceased war hero has found a way to stick it to a guy who committed treason.

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