Say hello to Donald Trump’s de facto new National Security Adviser

Donald Trump is on a pace to end up with nearly as many fired National Security Advisers as he’s had bankruptcies. Michael Flynn is about to be sentenced to prison. HR McMaster is surely wishing he’d never met Trump. John Bolton has presumably crawled back into the layer of hell from which he was originally spawned. Now it’s time for Trump to pick his fourth National Security Adviser, and let’s just say that the prospects aren’t looking promising.

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump seemed to hint on Twitter about the pipe dream of hiring Condoleezza Rice. Sure, she’s been a disaster in every government role she’s ever had, but hey, he’s got to hire someone. Good luck with that one, though, after Trump reportedly called Condoleezza a “bitch” that one time. No, it looks like Trump is going elsewhere for advice.

When Trump held his press conference yesterday so he could inexplicably alternate between publicly berating John Bolton and publicly kissing up to John Bolton, he gave something away. Trump said that one of the reasons he fired Bolton was that Kim Jong Un didn’t like Bolton’s approach. That’s right, Trump wants to hire a new National Security Adviser who’s going to be more to the liking of murderous two-bit dictator Kim Jong Un.

At this point it’s fair to say that Kim Jong Un is Donald Trump’s de facto National Security Adviser. If that sounds like a reach, consider this: if Kim released a statement tomorrow saying that he wanted [insert any name here] to get the job, Trump would probably appoint that person. In fact we wouldn’t be shocked if the juvenile Kim picks a fictional character, just to see if Trump is paying attention. Trump really does appear to be that far gone.

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