Donald Trump finally kept a campaign promise – and it’s a complete disaster

Pointing out that Donald Trump is a bigot, a sexual predator, or an ignoramus is mostly pointless when it comes to members of his base. Most of them already know all of that but follow along because not only do they see him as one of their own, they think he’s the strong leader that will finally help them succeed in life if they follow his example and stay with him through thick and thin. As Trump breaks his campaign promises by the day, many will meekly point out the stock market’s success to defend him – though that’s quickly falling apart as a legitimate excuse. A number of supporters have been turned off by the 2017 tax cut, while others have caught on to the pointlessness of his trade war with China. Now, things are about to get even worse for many of these people.

According to Tuesday’s statistics from the Census Bureau, the number of Americans without health insurance increased in 2018 by nearly two million people – going from 25.6 million uninsured in 2017 to 27.5 million last year.

In a way, you could say things are getting worse because of an instance where Donald Trump kept a promise. He may not have been successful in repealing Obamacare on his first day in office as he pledged to do, but his administration has worked to deliberately undermine the Affordable Care Act through lawsuits and gutting its funding. By demolishing almost the entire advertising budget for the program, Trump and his underlings hope that fewer people will enroll, and the GOP will soon be able to eliminate the ACA for good.


Donald Trump promised a magical healthcare system back in 2016 which would replace the ACA – and now he’s doubling down on that strategy for 2020. The Democrats would be wise to keep healthcare as a key issue going into the 2020 elections as they continue to recruit new candidates, while regularly invoking these numbers, as we are likely to see even more of a drop-off between 2019 and the election.

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