We told you Sarah Huckabee Sanders was heading for the door

Last month a major TV news network reported that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was in the process of planning her exit from the White House. She quickly denied it. But then two weeks later Donald Trump hired disgraced former Fox News exec Bill Shine as his new Communications Director, a position he’s typically only filled whenever he’s been looking to oust other key players. Suddenly the original report made sense, and Palmer Report predicted that we would indeed see Huckabee Sanders depart.

Sure enough, a White House source is now telling Vanity Fair that Bill Shine does indeed plan to replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Why? He wants someone with “more energy,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Perhaps that’s code for “more enthusiastic about selling Trump’s lies.” After all, as we’ve seen, the sole job duty of Trump’s Press Secretary is to lie on Trump’s behalf. We saw the constant lying turn Sean Spicer into a tepid puddle. Even though Huckabee Sanders seems to be more comfortable lying, we’ve seen it grind her down as well.

So now we know that, as Palmer Report said at the time, Donald Trump did indeed bring in Bill Shine to do his dirty work of cleaning house. It’s not only Huckabee Sanders who will be booted. That same Vanity Fair article says that Trump also hired Shine in order to force John Kelly out, as Trump is “too chickenshit” to simply fire Kelly. That quote is coming from one of Trump’s own unnamed allies, by the way.


So now we have history repeating itself. Donald Trump hired the controversial Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Director, so that Scaramucci would force the Press Secretary and Chief of Staff out. Now Trump is hiring the even more controversial Bill Shine as Communications Director, so that Shine can force the Press Secretary and Chief of Staff out. Donald “You’re fired” Trump is indeed too much of a coward to fire anyone. As for Shine, he might want to keep in mind that once Scaramucci finished dumping the rest of the staff, Trump also dumped Scaramucci.

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