Michael Cohen just sank Donald Trump

Michael Cohen walked into court today and, while catching the entire world off guard, pleaded guilty to an additional criminal charge. It’s a simple crime: lying to Congress last year. But it’s all about what he just admitted he had lied about. This just changed everything, and it’s – rather clearly – a key part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s plan to take Donald Trump down.

Ask yourself why Robert Mueller would have Michael Cohen plead guilty right now to having told a lie to Congress a long time ago. It’s not about incriminating Cohen; he’s already pleaded guilty to eight other felonies, and he’s already cut a deal on several additional potential charges. No, this is all about having Cohen establish that he was lying when he had earlier claimed Donald Trump wasn’t trying to build Trump Tower in Moscow during the heart of the election.

This is Mueller’s way of getting it out there, for the record, that Donald Trump was trying to build Trump Tower Moscow during the general election. Considering the timing, just a few days after Trump turned in his written answers, it’s not difficult to parse that Trump must have lied about this in writing. So now Mueller has not only gotten Cohen to confirm that Trump was plotting with Russia during the election, he’s also apparently nailed Trump for the crime of having lied about it in writing.

Michael Cohen is now up to nine confessed felony charges, but this ninth one has surely gone a long way to reducing his prison sentence. Cohen just directly incriminated Donald Trump, at Robert Mueller’s direction, at the precise time Mueller needed him to. At this rate, Mueller is going to recommend that Cohen get to serve his upcoming prison sentence at Disney World.