Turns out Donald Trump is even more of a Russian spy than anyone knew

From the start, it’s been clear that Donald Trump is a Russian asset, with Vladimir Putin pulling his puppet strings. But new information reveals that Trump is even more of a Russian asset than anyone knew, and in fact it’s fair to say that Trump is indeed an outright Russian spy.

The New York Times reported today that the CIA had to extract a Russian national who was serving as an American spy in 2017, for fear that Donald Trump had given up the spy to the Russians. CNN then reported the same thing, and added a new detail: the CIA specifically made the move after Trump started handing out classified information to Kremlin officials during their infamous Oval Office meeting, which took place right after Trump illegally fired FBI Director James Comey to try to make the Trump-Russia probe go away. It gets even worse.

The NY Times says that the spy in question was a key player when it came to keeping tabs on Russia’s interference in U.S. elections, which means the CIA had good reason to fear that Trump might have specifically sold out this spy to the Kremlin officials.

Let’s be clear here: this is nothing short of felony espionage on Donald Trump’s part. When the CIA has to start extracting its own spy for fear that Trump is trying to purposely get him killed, specifically because an enemy foreign leader like Putin wants that spy out of the way, it’s time to arrest Trump and put him on trial for espionage. It’s notable that the CIA appears to be leaking this story in an effort at finally taking Trump down.

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