Yep, Donald Trump and Mike Pence really are trying to destroy each other

Last week a strange narrative surfaced in the mainstream media about a supposed year-long feud between Donald Trump and his team, and Mike Pence and his team, over the issue of whether Pence is going to run for president in 2024. That’s delusional, of course, as Pence has no political future and Trump will be in prison by then. What stood out was that the story surfaced at all, because one side or the other had to have strategically leaked it.

Since then, we’ve seen some additional context. The feud story surfaced just as Mike Pence very visibly stayed at Donald Trump’s resort in Ireland, which then quickly led Trump’s much larger grifting scheme involving the Air Force to be exposed. The question was whether Pence foolishly stayed at Trump’s resort in a misguided attempt at making peace with him, or if Pence did it because he was trying to expose Trump’s larger grifting scandal. Then today we got our answer.

Someone leaked to CNN this morning that Mike Pence opposed Donald Trump’s plan to host the Taliban at Camp David. We’ll go ahead and translate that for you: Mike Pence leaked it to CNN that he opposed Trump’s Taliban plan, because he wanted to make sure that he didn’t take the blame for the idiocy. Right around this time, Trump posted a tweet insisting that he had no knowledge of Pence’s decision to stay at a Trump resort.

In other words, with their collective 2020 prospects circling the drain, and their scandals piling up by the day, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are publicly taking it out on each other. Perhaps they’re doing it because they each strategically think they might fare less poorly in 2020 if they can take the other one down. Or maybe they’re just doing it out of spite, because they blame each other for the fact that they’re both going off a cliff. Either way, this ugly feud is likely just getting started.

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