Donald Trump’s Russian hacker problem

15 days until the election. Get used to hearing these terms: Fancy Bear, Cozy Bear and GRU 74455. These are all names for Russian military intelligence units who have now been charged with cyberattacks on the US. Before he was shut down, Robert Mueller managed to charge 13 Russian officers with hacking and malware. In today’s new DOJ indictment, we have a total of 19. Remember Roger Stone’s pal, Guccifer 2.0? That’s these guys, GRU, Russian military intelligence.

The initial suspicion that the Russians were engaged in this massive worldwide cyberattack seems to date from November 2015. A curious date, indeed. Regardless, the WikiLeaks hack was clearly a Russian GRU operation, and because of the hard work of Cybercom, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA and others, the US is on it. The timing of these charges is not an accident, however.

Russia has no extradition treaty with the US. It’s highly unlikely those charged will ever be rounded up and sent to prison. So why all these useless indictments now? Because, “If it’s what you say, I love it, especially later in the summer,” to quote Don Junior. Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone and their buddies have a clear connection to these guys.


These Russian military officers aren’t going to see the inside of a US prison, but those traitors who worked with our enemies are going to die inside of one. Trump’s minions’ interaction with GRU to steal the election is clear treason. And on January 20th, when the Rule of Law is restored once more, be prepared to see these traitors topple like dominos.

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