Donald Trump just got dealt a major election blow by John Roberts and the Supreme Court

Donald Trump and the GOP clearly believe that the only way they can win the 2020 election is if people’s votes don’t count. We were reminded of this once again when they asked the Supreme Court to enact overly strict rules for mail-in ballots to be counted. But in a somewhat surprising development, Chief Justice John Roberts just shot Trump down.

Roberts joined the three liberal Justices to hand down a 4-4 ruling, which means that the lower court ruling remains in place. The lower court ruled that if the postmark on a mail-in ballot in Pennsylvania is illegible, that vote will count as long as it’s received within three days after Election Day.

This is a major victory for Joe Biden and the Democrats, but more importantly, a victory for American voting rights. It’s also a reminder of why Trump and the Republicans are trying to use their last gasp in office to put a corrupt extremist like Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court. In any case, this election will ultimately be decided by turnout – so let’s turn out in record voting numbers.

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