Rudy Giuliani tips off major New York Times bombshell about Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Rudy Giuliani reached peak Rudy Giuliani today, as he first revealed a secret meeting which incriminated the leaders of the Donald Trump campaign, then revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a cooperating witness who can corroborate it, then took several stabs at trying to walk it all back, making an even bigger mess each time. So what triggered Rudy’s day-long hysteria? Now we know, and it may be even uglier than what we just witnessed.

By the end of Monday, Rudy Giuliani had made such a horrid mess of things for Team Trump, he felt compelled to explain why he’d gone off the deep end. He told the Daily Beast that he was trying to fend off an impending New York Times bombshell about Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. Whatever this new revelation is from the Times, it clearly must relate to the secrets that Rudy had spent all day revealing.

If Rudy’s babbling was his attempt at putting a less damaging spin on the real story, then we’re left to presume that the real story is far worse than the one Rudy just fed us, which was quite ugly in its own right. Giuliani admitted during the course of his cable news interviews that the Trump campaign held a secret meeting two days before Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russians, in order to plot the whole thing out. That incriminates everyone who was in the room, which Giuliani says included Rick Gates – who cut a plea deal against Donald Trump months ago. There’s another weird twist.

Even as we await the arrival of this New York Times bombshell, it appears that Rudy Giuliani may be the only person in the Trump campaign who knows about it. When the Daily Beast asked another unnamed member of Team Trump about the Times story Rudy was referencing, that person’s response was a befuddled “I don’t know, man.”

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