The real reason Rudy Giuliani is behaving like this

In this increasingly morbid stretch for America, it’s fittingly become the new national pastime. Everyone is trying to figure out why Rudy Giuliani is representing Donald Trump in such a cartoonishly inept, legally catastrophic, and psychologically deranged manner. I keep hearing theories left and right as to why Rudy is doing this, each more complicated and sophisticated than the next. I’ll save you the trouble: it’s none of the above.

Each time Rudy Giuliani starts running his mouth and confesses to yet another criminal aspect of Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, television pundits and social media observers trip over each other theorizing as to what underhanded strategy Rudy might be playing. Each time Rudy waives privilege on an incriminating piece of evidence, the theories abound as to what legal logic Rudy might be following. That’s the problem, you see. All of these theories are based on some kind of logic.

Does Rudy Giuliani sound, look, or act like a guy who’s behaving logically? Does he come across to you as a guy who’s coherent enough to come up with a complex underhanded scheme, let alone carry it off? Of course not. This guy is simply freaking out and frantically throwing things at the wall, in the desperate hope that something might actually stick.

Robert Mueller is playing four dimensional chess. He’s using an overwhelmingly sophisticated strategy to sort out one of the most complex and confusing criminal conspiracies of all time. He periodically makes a big move which reminds us that he’s been ahead of the game the entire time. In contrast, Rudy Giuliani has been on the job for three months and he hasn’t accomplished a thing for Donald Trump. He keeps making stupid decisions. He keeps talking Trump into making stupid decisions. Rudy is screwing up so badly, he’s basically doing Mueller’s job for him.

So, to answer the question of why Rudy Giuliani is behaving like this: he’s not all there. His mental competence is slipping away in plain view. It’s that simple. The human brain struggles to make peace with randomness. If you flip a coin four times, you expect it to comes up heads twice. If it comes up heads all four times, it freaks you out a little, even though that’s a perfectly valid random outcome. The same thing happens when we watch Rudy in action. We instinctively want to superimpose some logic, any logic, onto his random flailing. But this guy doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing. At this point, the guy who hired Rudy is nearly as in over his head as well.

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