Rudy Giuliani’s stunned silence

Several hours ago, the House Intelligence Committee released an official impeachment inquiry report which revealed that the House has obtained incriminating cellphone records linking Rudy Giuliani and the Trump White House in the Ukraine extortion scandal. So what has Motormouth Rudy had to say about this?

Well, nothing. In the hours since House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff revealed that he’s holding check if not checkmate against Rudy Giuliani, we have yet to see Rudy push back against any of this. He’s not yelling “fake news.” He’s not spewing incoherent conspiracy theories. He’s not accusing AT&T and Verizon of being part of a liberal plot against him.

Legally speaking, this is actually the correct approach. With federal prosecutors and a federal grand jury closing in on criminally indicting him, the last thing Rudy should be doing right now is running his mouth and making everyone’s job easier. But considering that Rudy has consistently and routinely decided to run his mouth each time he’s in this situation, it’s notable that he’s gone silent this time.

Maybe Rudy Giuliani is finally worried enough to listen to his lawyer and shut up. Or maybe he’s simply been stunned into silence, because he doesn’t even know how to try to fight back. But whatever the reason, Rudy is making the exceedingly rare move of (for now at least) responding to this bombshell by going silent. Are these phone call records even worse for Rudy than we think they are?

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