The mystery cellphone call in Rudy Giuliani’s phone call logs

The House Intelligence Committee revealed today that it’s obtained phone records from AT&T and Verizon which document Rudy Giuliani’s cellphone calls with various Trump White House officials and Trump surrogates in relation to the Ukraine extortion scandal. The call logs reveal the name (or office) of the person who was speaking with Rudy – except for one call in particular.

On April 24th of this year, just a few minutes after Rudy Giuliani called a “White House Phone Number” and spoke for 44 seconds, an unnamed individual called Rudy and they spoke for more than eight minutes. That individual is labeled simply as “-1” in the logs that have been publicly released.

This has set off all kinds of curiosity and speculation about who “-1” might be. Schiff appeared on CNN on Tuesday evening and seemed to hint that it’s Donald Trump, before saying that he can’t say right now who it is. Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance pointed out that “-1” could be shorthand for the “Individual-1” moniker that the Feds gave Trump when they investigated his hush money scandal and accused him of a felony.

It would make logical sense that Rudy Giuliani briefly called the White House to let Trump’s handlers know that he wanted to speak with Donald Trump, and then a few minutes later Trump called Rudy back so they could discuss the Ukraine scandal in detail. Earlier this evening Palmer Report explained why there’s a good chance Schiff already has his hands on Trump’s cellphone records, and that he appears to be rolling out the evidence in escalating stages. If so, labeling Trump as “-1” in these records would be a clever way to whet the public’s appetite for upcoming evidence that Rudy did indeed call Trump that day to discuss their criminal antics.

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