Rudy Giuliani just gave away that Donald Trump is toast

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When you’re looking forward to something that actually has a chance of happening, your thoughts end up being at least somewhere within the ballpark of reality and pragmatism. If you’re planning a trip to Disney World that’s likely to happen, you’re probably thinking about it in terms of finding hotel reservations and planning your day to avoid the longest lines. But if you know you’re not really going to Disney World, and it’s all just a fantasy to get you through the day, you might as well imagine that the trip will involve you being the grand marshal of the Disney World parade. Why not? None of it’s going to happen anyway.

This brings us to Rudy Giuliani, who is now talking about the influential job(s) he intends to have in the Donald Trump 2024 administration. Rudy has announced on a podcast that he intends to be Trump’s Secretary of State. He’s also hinting that he might be in charge of the FBI as well. And hey, why not? Because none of this is real anyway.

Even if there were to be a Donald Trump 2024 presidency, everyone knows that Rudy Giuliani wouldn’t be allowed within ten miles of it. Rudy and his incoherently idiotic conspiracy theories wore out their welcome with the last Trump White House. He was essentially banned from the building by the end of it. Donald Trump has certainly shown zero interest in having Rudy Giuliani anywhere near him, in any capacity, over the past two years.

But because there isn’t going to be a Trump 2024 presidency anyway, Rudy Giuliani knows he’s free to openly fantasize about all the important roles he’ll play in it. Rudy knows deep down that Trump isn’t magically going to be in power again. And that means Rudy doesn’t have to accept the cold hard reality that if Trump were back in power, he wouldn’t let Rudy anywhere near the joint.

The fact that Donald Trump is going to prison, instead of the White House, is what’s allowing Rudy Giuliani to tell himself that Trump hasn’t actually dumped him. He and Trump are still tight. And when Trump is magically back on top, he’ll magically have Rudy right there next to him! Again, why not fantasize about such things? When you know something isn’t really going to happen anyway, it frees you up to imagine yourself playing whatever role you want in it. Simply put, Rudy Giuliani is giving away that Donald Trump is toast.

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