Rudy Giuliani hits the ceiling over Donald Trump’s impending criminal indictment

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Ever since news leaked that Donald Trump’s indictment was close at hand, there’s been an expectant feeling in the air. Not about Trump being indicted. We know that will happen. No, I am talking about which Republican would be first to lose their minds.

Because if there is one thing we KNOW, it is that one of them would. And though, to the best of my knowledge, nobody bet on it, I saw people guessing which one of the insurrection parties would lose it first.

Lindsey Graham was a popular choice. So were others like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Josh Hawley. But they were wrong. The person who had this week’s meltdown was….drum roll, please…

Rudy Giuliani.

I suppose this should not be a surprise. Where there’s trouble, there’s Rudy. They kind of go hand in hand. Most republicans have not said much since the news leaked that Trump will be indicted shortly. Rudy, on the other hand, did not hesitate to rage aloud to Newsmax, where he appeared to be a man in agony.

“At best,” the disgraced former mayor said, “This is a personal case, a sexual case. What about Bill Clinton? She was a young girl.” Oh man, that’s desperation if ever I saw it. Sigh. Sorry Rudy, but the world has LONG since moved on from Bill Clinton.

“I ran more grand juries than this bozo did,” the competitive former lawyer trilled, referring to Alvin Bragg. “I persecuted the mafia,” he screamed. “Terrorists. Murderers.”

It was a rather sad moment for the disgraced former Mayor. Yes, at one time, Rudy prosecuted criminals. But his day in the sun has long darkened. The fact is Rudy shit on his own legacy. He did that by throwing it all away for Donald Trump.

And now he’s essentially stuck with himself. Of all the trump sycophants, Rudy’s fall from grace seems one of the most difficult to understand. But the fact remains that Rudy has long abdicated his space as America’s mayor. He hasn’t been there for the American people. The ONLY person he seems to be there for these days is Donald Trump.

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