Rudy Giuliani hits the panic button after confessing to felony

This weekend we saw Rudy Giuliani go on CNN and confess to the kind of felony that’ll send him to prison for the rest of his life. Not only did he confess to the crime, he said he was “proud of it.” Someone must have given Rudy a heads-up that he just ruined his life with that remark, and so now he’s hitting the panic button over it.

Rudy Giuliani decided that the best way to fix his felony confession on live national television was to once again go on television this morning. This time he at least had the sense to retreat to the friendly confines of Fox News. Rudy tried to insist this morning that he didn’t actually confess to asking Ukraine to investigate a phony Joe Biden scandal. But then he more or less confessed again, insisting that “I went [to Ukraine] as a lawyer defending his client.”

So there you have it. Rudy Giuliani went to Ukraine and tried to criminally conspire with a foreign government to manufacture a phony scandal aimed at sabotaging the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Except he didn’t. Except he did, but it’s okay that he committed the crime, because he was just trying to defend his client Donald Trump in the process of committing the crime.

Rudy Giuliani can’t make his televised felony confession go away just by claiming after the fact that he didn’t mean it. If anything, he’s digging himself a deeper hole. The only possible strategy Rudy might be following here is to try to get himself declared not guilty by reason of mental defect – but even that only applies if it can be demonstrated that you were already mentally incompetent when you began committing the crimes. You can’t just put on a show after the fact and expect a jury to buy it.

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