Donald Trump belongs in a rubber room

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At this point there are only two possibilities. One is that Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities and mental competence have sharply declined in correlation to his worsening criminal scandals. The other is that Trump is under the mistaken impression that faking mental incompetence is going to set him up for an insanity defense once he’s put on trial. Either way, Trump’s freefall is in overdrive.

Last night we saw Donald Trump appear on Fox news and rant incoherently about Bruce Springsteen and Hamilton, while getting James Comey’s name wrong and insisting he hasn’t left the White House for “months.” For the record, he left the White House on Thursday; he appears to have forgotten he even visited the border in Texas. But this, of course, wasn’t an aberration.

Donald Trump posted more than a dozen frantic tweets on Saturday morning, and few of them even related to his supposed “national emergency” at the border. He’s suddenly forgotten about his border wall and his government shutdown, now that he’s learned that the FBI has had a counterintelligence probe going on him for a year and a half. This comes just a few days after he gave a nationally televised speech while sounding like he was half asleep, and sniffing so incessantly it raised renewed questions about whether it’s a nervous tic or a hard drug habit.

So we’ve got a guy illegitimately occupying the White House who didn’t really win the election, and is some kind of spy for Russia, and he’s holding us hostage by shutting down the government, and he’s hallucinating about where he has and hasn’t been, and he may be high on drugs. Either that, or this is all an act because he knows he’s headed to prison. Let’s just simplify it by putting him in a rubber padded cell after he’s convicted.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!