Paul Manafort just royally screwed himself

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort just learned the hard way that there are worse things than merely being in jail. With his trial yet to begin, Manafort is already behind bars because he got caught conspiring with a Russian spy to try to tamper with the witnesses against him. Manafort thought he’d come up with a scheme to convince the judge to let him back out on bail, but instead that scheme has now landed him in a far worse situation than the one he was already in.

Paul Manafort tried to sell the judge on a sob story about how he needed to be let out of jail because he supposedly couldn’t collaborate with his attorneys because his jail is too far away from where they’re located. The judge called his bluff by ordering that he be moved to a jail that’s closer to his attorneys. That jail also happens to be a far worse one.

Manafort tried to fight the move, but he ultimately failed. So now he’s been moved from Northern Neck Regional Jail to the Alexandria Detention Center, and suffice it to say that it’s a downgrade. Manafort now has to wear a prison uniform. His limited internet access is now gone entirely. Even the food is worse. And he’s going to have to remain there until the end of his trial, which could drag on for quite some time.

Paul Manafort’s aggressive legal filings, high priced lawyers, and insistence on cheating, have only made things far worse for him. In a relatively short period of time he’s gone from house arrest, to jail, to a worse jail. Manafort’s approach is backfiring on him rather severely. Realistically, the only card he has left to play is a plea deal against Donald Trump. We’ll see if he wises up and cuts one.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report