Blue states launch counterattack against Donald Trump’s most destructive policies

States such as California and New York have long been bastions of progressive thought and legislative policy. Ever since Donald Trump illegitimately assumed power, lawmakers and Attorneys General from multiple liberal states have worked to minimize the destruction caused by the Trump administration. Eighteen Attorneys General sued the Trump administration last month over the disastrous policy of separating children and babies from families entering the country and seeking asylum. California AG Xavier Becerra led the coalition, seeking an end to the policy put in place by Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Also last month, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood sued Trump and his family for illegal conduct of their charity, seeking $2.8 million in restitution.

Following Trump’s selection this week of Brett Kavanaugh to become the next justice on the Supreme Court, much has been said about the possible damage another far right justice could impose on America. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he would sue if the Supreme Court managed to overturn Roe v. Wade which made abortions legal in the United States in 1973.

In a move to ensure abortion would remain legal in New York regardless of what happens in the Supreme Court, Cuomo is asking the New York Senate to reconvene and codify Roe v. Wade into New York State law. “The extreme conservatives in Washington threaten the rights of men and women across this country and New York is standing up against the unconscionable decisions this administration continues to make in order to protect the values this state was built on. The political games need to end – Senate Republicans must reconvene to pass this law before the Supreme Court rolls back the progress this nation has made,” Cuomo announced.

While Trump and Republicans in Congress continue to push to roll back the rights and freedoms enjoyed by so many for years, it is a relief to know there are still those in high positions around the country who are working to fight against the injustices that, for whatever reason, conservatives continue to push for. From saving healthcare to protecting the most vulnerable among us, we must all fight to help prevent Trump from taking away the freedoms so many fought so hard for in the past.

I’m a ceramic engineer living in Central New York, avid sports fan but find myself more interested in politics lately.