Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel caught red handed in Trump pay to play scandal

Almost without exception, Donald Trump only ever hires and appoints corrupt people, because he figures they’re far more likely to corruptly do his bidding for him. That brings us to Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel, a close Trump ally. There was never much question that she was going to turn out to be corrupt. But now she’s been caught red handed in a corruption scandal.

We already know that Gordon Sondland donated a million dollars to Donald Trump’s inauguration fund, and that in return, Trump nominatied Sondland as U.S. Ambassador to the European Union. This is highly unethical. But it would only be a crime if proof surfaced that Sondland and Trump specifically agreed in advance that the nomination was being made in exchange for the money, and no such evidence has surfaced. However, evidence has just surfaced with regard to a different Trump nominee.

Donald Trump nominated a guy named Doug Manchester to be his Ambassador to the Bahamas. His nomination ended up stalling out in the Republican Senate for a couple years. Then, according to CBS News, right after his nomination finally came back into focus and it looked like a Senate vote was going to happen, Ronna McDaniel personally emailed Manchester and tried to pressure him into making a half million dollar donation.

This means the head of the Republican National Committee was asking Manchester for the money, which would have gone to the reelection campaigns of the Republican Senators who were on the verge of voting on Manchester’s nomination. Ronna McDaniel was asking a nominee to give money to these Republican Senators. They may not have known that McDaniel was soliciting a bribe on their behalf, but McDaniel knew darn well what she was doing. Rod Blagojevich went to prison for trying to sell a Senate seat. Ronna McDaniel just got caught trying to sell a U.S. Ambassador position. Will she be criminally indicted once Trump is gone?

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