Donald Trump just took an ugly swing and miss at Colonel Vindman ahead of his public testimony tomorrow

Earlier this evening Palmer Report pointed out that after having faded from the headlines for a couple weeks, Colonel Vindman in back, in the form of televised public House impeachment testimony scheduled for tomorrow morning. We’ve been wondering what Donald Trump’s response would be, considering his increasingly egregious and illegal witness intimidation tactics. Now we have our answer.

Donald Trump’s handlers have just leaked to CNN that they’re looking at punishing White House impeachment witnesses by preemptively ending their current deployments and sending them back to whichever governmental agency assigned them to the White House to begin with. In case there’s any doubt about who’s being targeted here, Vindman’s name appears in the story more than a dozen times.

It couldn’t be much more obvious that Team Trump is taking a last ditch swing at (illegally) intimidating Colonel Vindman ahead of his public testimony in the morning. This is as villainous as it is pathetic. Vindman has come this far, and he’s already put his career at severe risk, so there’s zero chance he’s going to back down now just because the White House is publicly threatening to reassign him.

This a clear swing and miss on the part of Team Trump, as it’ll accomplish nothing. Donald Trump’s handlers surely know that, and they’re ostensibly leaking this story just to try to keep the increasingly sullen and vindictive Trump happy. Here’s the kicker. Whether they go through with retaliating against impeachment witnesses like Vindman or not, just by leaking this threat, Trump’s handlers are committing felony witness intimidation. It looks like a few more of Trump’s top people just got earmarked for prison once Trump has been finished off.

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