Donald Trump isn’t going to like what GOP Senator Ron Johnson just admitted about the Ukraine scandal

It turns out today is the day that Republican Senators have finally started taking public positions on Donald Trump’s whistleblower scandal and impending downfall. Mitt Romney just tried to push Trump off a cliff. John Cornyn seems to want to go down with Trump. Marco Rubio is floundering. Then there’s the matter of what GOP Senator Ron Johnson just said.

Yesterday Ron Johnson said he was just fine with Donald Trump standing on the White House lawn and publicly trying to extort China into helping him alter the outcome of the 2020 election, which is a reminder that Johnson is hideous. But just now, Ron Johnson reminded us of something else: when it comes down to it, Republicans like him care more about selfishly covering their own backsides than they do about Trump’s fate.

In an apparent attempt at distancing himself from Donald Trump today, Ron Johnson is telling the Wall Street Journal that he first learned about the Ukraine scandal back in August, which he understood at the time to potentially be a quid pro quo, and he privately confronted Trump over it. Johnson says that Trump denied the whole thing, and apparently that’s good enough for Johnson. But at a political event today, Johnson claimed that Trump blocked his effort to tell the President of Ukraine that the foreign aid was going to be restored.

But Ron Johnson isn’t doing Donald Trump any favors by saying this. Instead it’s pretty clear that Johnson is trying to cover his own butt, because it was about to come out that he’s been a participant in the scandal for the past two months, and that he failed to tell the American public about it. All this does is make Trump look more guilty – not only of the crime, but of the coverup. Johnson is doing what he thinks is best for himself, regardless of whether it makes Trump look bad.

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