Ron DeSantis is unraveling in real time

Florida Governor and coward Ron DeSantis is receiving such bad press, I’m amazed that he can still show his face in public. Of course, the wanna-be king only has his court of zombies he must please — not a good strategy when running for reelection. But lately, it would seem his behavior has reached new and unexciting heights of crazy.

Per the Insider, on Friday, DeSantis spoke in a bizarre speech that really did appear to be straight out of a Stephen King novel. DeSantis seemed to latch onto a new idea during his speech. He asked whether people had ever received screening for other illnesses — before Covid.
This question makes no sense, but that did not appear to matter to DeSantis, who earnestly continued to make a fool of himself.

“Now think about it,” the non-thinking one said. “Before Covid did anyone go out and seek testing to determine if they were sick?” Of course, Ron the rat was wrong as usual. Many people have received and will continue to receive screenings for numerous diseases, including cancer.

Don’t tell that to Ronnie, though, who appears to be frantically grasping at straws — any straws — to uphold his image as a Covid-denying, pathetically ignorant slime-bag who isn’t qualified to run a neighborhood watch group, let alone the great state of Florida.


It would appear that Florida has their very own Medusa who is hard at work fighting not for the people of Florida but for a killer virus that has killed many and which will continue its reign of terror — with a little help from Ron DeSantis. Let this be the year he is voted out of office.

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