The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has led to a breakdown in basic functions throughout the United States. Stories are coming in of hospitals being filled up, ambulances changing direction mid-trip because the hospital they’re going to being too full to help, patients in waiting rooms, transit systems cutting back service, lots of police and firefighters being out sick, and trash cans overflowing.

Those organizations and employees that provide many of these basic functions are being stretched past the breaking point because they’re working extended amounts of time. For example, in Johnson County, Kansas paramedics are working 80 hours a week.

The hell of it is that none of this had to happen. We wouldn’t be at this point now if not for Branch Trumpvidians refusing to take the vaccine, and Branch Trumpvidian politicians like Noem, Abbott, DeSantis, Rand Paul, former guy, and so on doing everything they can to sabotage the response to the pandemic just to “own the libs.” Iowa’s Department of Labor has said it won’t enforce OSHA standards regarding vaccination regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on vaccine challenges, which has CovidKim all gleeful. Or media outlets spreading misinformation every chance they get.

The entire pandemic could be an unpleasant memory and we could be on our way back to normal life if not for the sabotage of the pandemic response and the refusal of Branch Trumpvidians to act in the best interests of their fellow human beings.


As I’m in the process of moving, a breakdown in basic services is about the last thing on Earth I need right now. Moving isn’t stressful enough as it is without all this. I shudder to think of what those with actual problems are having to face now. And I totally blame Branch Trumpvidians for all of this.

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