Ron DeSantis is now underwater


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Our ocean friend, the Orca is quite smart besides being beautiful. They belong to the oceanic dolphin family. And they have been in the news lately because some of them have begun to ram and sink boats off the coast of Spain. Scientists studying the issue think it started because of trauma to one or more Orcas. They are teaching each other how to capsize the yachts and boats. As I said, there are VERY intelligent.

It makes me wonder. It makes me wonder if this will spread to Florida. Although Orcas usually prefer colder waters, some of our Orca friends have been spotted there. And if this started because of trauma, I imagine there must be plenty of angry Orcas in the Florida seas.

That’s because Ron DeSantis has neglected Florida’s waters. Apparently, he’s too busy fighting with Disney to worry about all the algae stinking up Floridian beaches. And don’t get me started on the Red tide.

Ron DeSantis is neglecting not only Florida’s beaches but its people. He has lost Florida thousands of jobs because of his non-ending fight with Disney. He has exhibited cruelty to minorities and the LGBTQ population. No governor anywhere has done more to destroy a state than Ron DeSantis.

And now Florida has had yet another travel ban issued, this time from the NAACP, a longtime friend and advocate toward the black community. This travel warning warns potential tourists that Florida “devalues and marginalizes the contributions of and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color.”

This ban was a long time coming, and I have no doubt the NAACP waited as long as they could. Florida is seen as a tourist haven, but the fact is the state has become unwelcoming toward minorities, just as the warning states.

This announcement comes shortly after ANOTHER group — LILACC — issued their own warning. LILACC stands for “The League of United Latin American Citizens” This is a huge story and will surely have implications for DeSantis’s presidential run. Between the travel advisories and his fight with Disney, Ronny will have much to answer for.

Since DeSantis took office, the state has seen book bans, attacks on minorities and the LGBTQ community, historic flooding, oceanic issues, lost jobs, and a full-on fascist attack on the biggest company in Florida — Disney. THESE are Ron’s REAL accomplishments. I can’t think of one positive thing he’s done. You know what? I am almost looking forward to the unappealing governor’s announcement.


He’s going to get creamed. He’ll be getting rapid-fire questions, many about how much his state is suffering, and I do not think he will be able to keep from either blowing up, making yet more ridiculous faces, or ultimately doing something to screw up his candidacy even more. So have at it, Ron. I do not think he stands one iota of succeeding.



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